Standard Terms & Conditions

One of the most important aspects of construction is to agree at the outset what is intended. To this extent, preliminary discussions with an architect are essential to the success of the project. Consequently the architect’s fees are usually treated as separate from the building contract.

Hibbs & Walsh Associates Limited will be pleased to provide you with a quotation for their fees for a project, which will be broken down into the various sections and stages of the project. We are happy for the fee to be fixed against an agreed brief from you. Fees are likely to vary according to the complexity of particular projects, and are therefore based on a site visit and discussion with yourselves.

Payment of our fees is normally by instalments against completion of work stages. These stages will be as described in the fee agreement. Where we are administering a construction contract on your behalf which is contracted to exceed 4 months we reserve the right to invoice our fees for this stage of the works in monthly payments, by prior arrangement with yourselves. Our normal terms for payment are 21 days from the date of the invoice. In addition to our fees, expenses and disbursements properly incurred in connection with our appointment as Architects will be added.

Expenses might include, for example, the cost of printing (we charge £2.50 for an A1 print and £1.00 for A3 prints), reproduction or purchase of documents (JCT contracts range from £20 – £50), maps and ordnance survey data (approximately £40 including the required licence), models, photographs, etc., travel expenses and the cost of postage, telephone and fax as necessary. VAT at the standard rate will be charged on our fees and expenses.

Disbursements are charges necessarily incurred by the Architect but properly to be borne by the client, for example Planning or Building Regulations fees. These will be recorded separately. We will normally ask our clients to make a direct payment for these items, but there are occasions when it is to your advantage for us to pay these for you.

Should you wish to enter into a written contract we would be pleased to forward you the relevant forms. Should you decide to go ahead we would be grateful if you could indicate your acceptance of the agreed terms in writing. Should you wish to terminate the agreement you should also do so by letter. Please note that we would be pleased to invite a representative of the RIBA to act as an arbitrator if required.

This fee structure does not include for the services of another professional such as a structural engineer, an ecologist, a home energy assessor, etc. Hibbs & Walsh Associates Limited will be pleased to make recommendations should any be required. We would like you to note that this practice carries professional indemnity insurance. Further details are available on request. We comply with the Provision of Service regulation 2009 by displaying the required details of our professional indemnity insurance in our office.

We are also obliged by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to make our clients aware of their Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 1994 (CDM) duties. These apply to most building work, though certain small or domestic projects are exempt. Hibbs & Walsh Associates Limited will explain your statutory obligations and will advise on the choice of a Planning Supervisor, should one be required.

Please note that unless otherwise agreed the client remains responsible for all risks building insurance.

Hibbs & Walsh Associates Limited will design buildings to meet sustainable criteria but regret that they cannot be responsible for the performance of the completed building or for any consequential losses.