Indoor Swimming Pool

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26 April 2014
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Indoor Swimming Pool

This is an indoor swimming pool and has been quite a challenge because we wanted two of the external walls of the building to rise up out of the pool. This meant that the sides of the pool needed to be the foundations for the building as well. Eventually, after going round and round in circles we elected to use a steel reinforced sprayed concrete structure.

When excavations started in October the weather couldn’t have been better, and the ground conditions were perfect. Then it rained and it rained and it rained! To stop the excavations collapsing in the rain, the sides were stabilised with sprayed concrete – which can be seen behind the pale blue insulation panels. It worked perfectly.

The timber and insulation shuttering can still be seen behind the steel reinforcement as it’s sprayed with concrete to form the pool and foundations for the building all in one. The concrete was sprayed over a period of a week, and taking a step back now the foundations are finished you can get a rough idea of what it was all about.

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